FourWhere Mines Foursquare For Venues, Tips

This morning, social media monitoring and analysis provider Sysomos launched a new service, FourWhere, which mashes-up Foursquare and Google Maps to show the places visited by Foursquare users and see the tips that they’ve left.

Frankly, I’m surprised that Foursquare doesn’t already have this feature itself – this would be a nice addition to the mobile app, especially given the potential to combine this mashup with your friends list to show where all your friends are.

Sysomos says it will continue to enhance FourWhere by adding content analytics down the road. It’ll be interesting to see how this works – it might prioritize places by the biggest number of check-ins, for example. This is another great example of the wealth of data that monitoring and analytics companies such as Sysomos, Radian6 and Alterian SM2 possess, and the uses to which this data can be put.

FourWhere is free and open – you don’t need a Foursquare account to use it. Check it out at

Dave Fleet
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