Social Media Training Wiki: An Update

Just over a month ago I threw out a challenge to the online PR community:

[…] As a community, let’s develop a best-practice social media 101 training program.

Let’s create a one-day, scratch-the-surface program that will help employees who are new to this social media thing to find their feet.

Let’s put it out there for the good of the community.

Let’s encourage people to adapt it and adopt it.

Let’s see if we can raise the bar for social media knowledge in our organizations.

Check out the wiki. […]

smtwSo, what’s happened since then?


  • A total of 135 contributions
  • 17 registered contributors, including some experts I respect greatly and was very happy to see
  • 12  useful ‘social media 101’ topics, including current talking points like ethics, blogger relations and the social media news release

Challenges and Opportunities:

I don’t think the site has yet gained the momentum it needs to, in terms of visitors, topics or depth of content. This isn’t entirely unexpected, as I’ve been otherwise occupied recently and haven’t given the site the attention it deserves.

So, where to take the site from here?

I plan to focus on four areas:

  • Recruiting new members (you can sign up here)
  • Encouraging renewed contributions from existing members
  • Fleshing-out existing topics
  • Adding advanced topics (Colin McKay suggested an open source business case, for example)

A Renewed Challenge

First up, I’m renewing the challenge to you.

Do you have expertise to share? Then join the community and help to create a resource for the benefit of everyone.

Are you new to the scene? Tell us what you want to know – either in the comments here or on the wiki discussion forums.


I’m also setting some specific objectives for the short term, transparently, for everyone to see:

  • More than double the number of site members by the end of January 2008
  • Double the number of contributions by the end of January 2008
  • No existing pages with content placeholders by the end of January 2008

As a community, let’s develop a best-practice social media 101 training program.

Check out the wiki.

Dave Fleet
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