YouTube As An Effective Crime-Solving Tool


Every so often I hear cool stories of the creative ways people use new media to solve problems. This one is particularly cool.

A friend of ours recently discovered that another driver had hit his parked car and taken off without leaving his details.

Fortunately, our friend had parked where he did because he know a business owner who had a camera trained on the parking spot.

Our friend posted the video of the incident on YouTube, and appealed for help finding the perpetrator.

Sure enough, 400 views and a couple of days later our friend had not only identified the person that hit his car, but had contacted him and received a reply.

This is by no means the first time that people have used YouTube to solve crimes. Regardless, it’s an effective illustration that applications like YouTube aren’t just toys. Used well, they become highly effective tools.

Have you come across other examples like this? What are the most creative uses of YouTube that you’ve come across?

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Dave Fleet
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