Electronic Arts’ Tiger Woods Video: It’s Just That Good

EA Sports, Inc Every so often I come across something from a company that just blows my mind. This is one of those times. I’m a little behind the ball on this one, but it’s still worth highlighting.

Last year (August 2007), a user took a video capture of a glitch in Electronic Arts’ Tiger Woods ’08 game showing that the player could walk on water to play a shot, and posted it on YouTube.

This year, to promote Tiger Woods ’09, EA produced this:

What a fantastic "response," from a company that I would never have expected to take note of a YouTube video.

Of course, not every company could (or should) respond to every video in this way, but I think EA really nailed this one. It’s not part of a regular ad campaign (it refers to the YouTube user by name), it shows they have a sense of humour and it draws attention to the game in a positive way.

Great marketing move. While I don’t like using YouTube views as a success metric, it’s interesting to note that the original video has so far received about 132,000 views. EA’s video, in 3 days, has received over 450,000.

For more on this, check out Mashable’s coverage.

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