Cancer Research Fundraiser – Ornament Complete!

A quick update on the auction we’re holding as part of my Boston Marathon cancer research fundraiserKeith Burtis has finished the ornament!

The Story So Far

If you haven’t been following this story…

On April 21, 2008, I will run the Boston Marathon for the first time. As I do so, I will raise money for breast cancer research at the world-class Princess Margaret Hospital in Canada.

I’ve worked closely with the hospital’s cancer research institute in this effort, and they set up a website that channels donations directly to them. They send me weekly updates on donations.

As of March 20, 2008, I’d raised roughly $1,200 in donations.

The Auction

I met Keith Burtis at PodCamp Toronto, and we’ve been in regular contact since then.

When Keith heard about my fundraiser, he leapt to help. He offered to design and create a beautiful piece of woodwork that we could auction-off to the highest bidder.

Well, the ornament is now complete!

Ornament for Cancer Research 1Ornament for Cancer Research 2

Ornament for Cancer Research 3Ornament for Cancer Research 4

Auction Details

The auction will start this Tuesday, March 25, at 9am, and end this Thursday, March 27, at 9pm (friend and fellow PodCamp Toronto organizer Tommy Vallier is coding the auction site for us).

I’ll post more details on the auction in the next couple of days.

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