Take-Aways From Podcasters Across Borders

PAB08 image, from Jay Moonah's presentation

No creative thinking from me here; just a few great take-aways from this weekend’s Podcasters Across Borders conference:


  • “Podcasts are NOT radio shows. The medium is different, therefore its effects are different.” –Jay Moonah
  • “Rule #1 tell people you have an Internet Radio Show, not a podcast.  It’s amazing how many people don’t really know what a podcast is still. Yet, they often nod like they do.” –Dave Delaney, ‘attending’ from Nashville
  • “You’re hosting the show, not yourselves.” –Shannon Hilchie


  • “If you understand a rulebook that’s great, but if you don’t understand why those rules exist then you can never evolve from that.” -Jay Moonah
  • “95% of the time there are rules because they’re the best thing to do for your situation. But 5% of the time there are rules that are going to get in your way and f*** you up” –Neil Gorman


  • “You have to pay attention to your customers because your kids need food… Free hugs are great but I can’t eat a f****** hug.” –Chris Brogan
  • “Making money is not a problem. Get over it.” -Chris Brogan
  • “Communities are not banks. Marketplaces are banks. Know the difference.” -Chris Brogan
  • “Centre yourself around passion. Plan around strategy.” -Chris Brogan


  • “I’m a social media expert? That’s like saying you’re an email expert. F*** off.” -Chris Brogan
  • “I’m an email expert.” -Neil Gorman

Just plain useful/fun

  • “Acting is about ideas, not emotions.” –Tim Coyne
  • “All presentations should have an element of “what’s in it for me?”” -Chris Brogan
  • “Deadlines and time limits can be your friend… a great 15-minute podcast that’s 30 minutes long is no longer a great podcast.” –Nora Young
  • “We don’t need to be important in order to do things that are important. We only have to convince people that we are worthy of them.” –Julien Smith
  • “A lot of people in Canada can’t have broadband. We have a responsibility to them too.” –Nora Young (very relevant to me as an ex-government guy)

This is just a smattering of some of the great pointers handed out by the speakers this weekend – you could fill a book with them. If you’re interested in social media, or podcasting in particular, and didn’t make it out to the conference this year, I strongly recommend you try to make it next year.

Thanks to Bob and Mark for putting on such a great event, and to Tommy and Francis for being such great hosts, too.

(Photo credit: Kingstonist.com)

Dave Fleet
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