Walk The Walk

FreshbooksAfter attending Wired Wednesday in Toronto tonight, I had the pleasure of having dinner with Saul Colt and Rayanne Langdon from Freshbooks. As I was heading home afterwards, I reflected that Saul and Rayanne are a great example of walking the walk in marketing.

Saul gave a great presentation tonight on community building, where he repeatedly came back to the unspoken theme that the key to community building isn’t just about getting people to commit to you; it’s also about demonstrating your commitment to your customers.

Saul gave example after example of their team following Mike McDermott’s “4 E’s” approach – executing on extraordinary experiences every day. From sending flowers to people having a bad day, to going above  and beyond by exceeding expectations with contest prizing, to creating baseball cards of their favourite customers. They really walk the walk with their approach – they put into practice the things they espouse.

Compare this to an experience I had recently, when I experienced an example of someone practicing the opposite of what they preach publicly. Normally I would have ignored it, but because the person spends a lot of time preaching the opposite of what they did, it stuck in my memory.

When you talk the talk, you need to walk the walk.

(Peter Flaschner also gave an excellent presentation last night; if you can make it out to the next Wired Wednesday on May 13, I recommend it. Thanks to Erin Bury and Sarah Prevette for organizing the event)

Dave Fleet
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