Talking Twitter With CityOnline

One of the great things about social media tools is that they let you connect with people you’d otherwise never meet.

One of the people I’ve gotten to know and like over the last little while is fellow Brit Danny Brown, founder of the 12 for 12k challenge. We finally met face-to-face at PodCamp Toronto this year; you can see a brief video I did with Danny here

Another benefit of these tools for PR people like me is the ability to get to know journalists and the kind of things in which they are interested. Not only does it help me to be better at my job in general; it also helps me to be better if the time ever does come to pitch them. Over the last couple of years I’ve gotten to know numerous journalists including, more recently, City TV’s Kris Reyes.

On Friday these two aspects of social media came together as I appeared on City TV’s CityOnline show with Danny and Kris, to discuss Twitter in the wake of the Kutcher/CNN follow-fest

The video of the show (about 20 minutes) is below.

Key points:

Interestingly, from the phone poll conducted on the show, the majority of respondents viewed Twitter as a fad. It may well be; I guess time will tell. From my perspective, the tool itself isn’t that important in this respect; the changing and growing variety of communications tools is the more important part. Kneale Mann has an interesting take on this: 

“The early adopters are certainly tweeting about the many downsides of Twitter becoming the mainstream. That’s what early adopters do. 

If you live on the fringe, don’t expect a crowd. And if it shows up, don’t be shocked. What you were talking about before the masses arrived may actually gain traction and (shock horror) popularity.”

Dave Fleet
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