Monday Morning Reads: TweetDeck, Black Hat SEO, Facebook Pages

Happy Valentines Day! Lots to cover in this week’s reads – TweetDeck, link farming, Facebook newsfeed and the new Pages layout; social media in emergencies and a few networking tips to round things out. Enjoy.

TechCrunch: UberMedia, Indeed. Bill Gross’ Twitter Ecosystem Empire Just Acquired TweetDeck

Twitter has benefited immensely from a thriving developer ecosystem. You may not have realized it, but over the last little while one company – UberMedia – has scooped up several of the leading Twitter apps, including Echofon and UberTwitter. The latest in the line of acquisitions: the mighty TweetDeck.

TweetDeck acquired

New York Times: The Dirty Little Secrets of Search

In case you missed it, this weekend the New York Times published a story outing a link scheme by JC Penney that led to them being the #1 result in Google for a large number of search terms. This is a long read, but worthwhile, especially if you aren’t too familiar with SEO principles and some of the “black hat” techniques some people use to game the system.

Dirty SEO tricks

Search Engine Land: New York Times Exposes J.C. Penney Link Scheme That Causes Plummeting Rankings in Google

Some useful technical background on the New York Times/JC Penney link scheme story above.

Digging deep on SEO controversy

Disruptive Conversations: How Facebook Now Removes Friends and Pages From Your NewsFeed – And How To Fix It

Dan York looks at a setting buried in Facebook that might be limiting the posts you see in your newsfeed to those of people you interact with the most often. For those of us who like to see updates from all of their friends, it may be worth toggling this.

Tweaking your Facebook experience

Mashable: How Brands Can Make the Most of Facebook’s New Pages

Late last week, Facebook rolled out a new layout for brand Pages. In this post, Aliza Sherman outlines a few ways to take advantage of this new layout (hint: investing big money in new custom tabs isn’t among them)

Facebook Pages’ new layout

Mashable: How We Use Social Media During Emergencies

It’s been several years since I gave my first presentation on social media’s use in emergencies, and the field has developed somewhat since then. This infographic gives some handy insights into both peoples’ attitudes towards social media in emergencies, and examples of its past use. While the post title is off the mark and the graphic itself is full of typos, it’s a neat resource.

Social media in emergencies

John McLachlan: What a Drug Addict Taught Me About Social Media

Five simple tips on networking, inspired by the author’s troubled friend.

Networking tips for social media

(Thanks to Daria for pointing out a broken link via the comments)

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