Monday Morning Reads: Digital Reputation, Facebook Tutorials, Speed up Blogging

In this week’s Monday Morning Reads: digital reputation management; a plethora of Facebook tutorials; how to speed-up your blogging; turning Google’s April Fool’s joke into a reality and an interesting Quora discussion on Craigslist’s longevity. Enjoy.

New York Times: Erasing the Digital Past

Interesting post on digital “reputation managers” who help their clients stay out off the digital home page (Google) when bad news erupts. This is a small sub-set of PR, but I was a little dismayed to see the post points to black-hat tactics like splogs as a good solution. Sounds like a good way to get yourself smacked by Matt Cutts:

“To trick the search engines, these managers employ programmers who create dummy Web sites that link to a client’s approved list of search results. The more links, the higher the approved sites rank.”

Digital reputation management

Socialbrite: 13 tutorials to bring your Facebook presence to the next level

Does what it says in the title – 13 tutorials, from creating a custom iFrame tab, to displaying featured Pages on your Page, to targeting messages to a subgroup of fans, to measuring fan growth.

Hop on over for the full list.

Facebook tutorials “r” us

Social Signal: How to write a blog post in 10 minutes

Useful tips for those of us (me included) who turn every post into an epic saga, including seven ways to add value to a third-party post you’re sharing. Personally, I like to try to add something when I write a post about someone else’s thoughts – either a criticism, a contrary point of view, or something that I think adds to the resource they’ve provided.

Speed-up your blogging

Engadget: Gmail Motion April Fools’ gag inevitably turned into reality using Kinect (video)

Google usually comes up with pretty good April Fools jokes, and this year was no exception as it ‘announced’ Gmail Motion – a non-existent new tool that lets you control your Gmail using gestures. Creating a fake tool like this is like putting a button reading “don’t push this” in front of a kid, and it only took a day before someone actually made this happen:

Pretty dorky neat.

Turning April Fools into reality

Quora: Why hasn’t another product disrupted and replaced Craigslist?

Fascinating discussion around Craigslist’s place in the market, including an interesting take from Josh Hannah who suggests that Craigslist *has* been disrupted; it’s just not obvious yet.

Debating Craigslist

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