A Day In My Social Media Life

A little while back I wrote about my social media life and my excitement (and despair) at the number of social media tools I use.

Excitement!At the time, I posted a rapid-fire description of a day in my life. I thought I’d take a moment to take a slightly more thorough look at how new media permeates all aspects of my life right now:




  • Head out for a 14km run. Listen to Jaffe Juice, FIR Cuts and The Economist’s Democracy In America podcasts
  • Get home around 9pm. Don’t upload the GPS data from my run to my online log (like this one) – it’s too damn cold outside so I ran indoors at the gym
  • Draft the write-up for tonight’s run for my running blog. While I’m at it, vow to avoid running indoors as much as possible
  • Look for images for my running blog post on Flickr
  • Log my run on BreakingTheTape.com, where I track my mileage
  • Start to write my PR blog post for tonight. Realize I can’t write the one I wanted to. Make a note in Google Notebook to put the presentation I need on my flash drive tomorrow. In passing, wish I could sync my blackberry notes and Google Notebook
  • Move to plan B for tonight’s blog posting (this one). Start to research it, using the Flock browser. Naturally, post to Twitter about my frustration
  • Realize it’s past midnight and I have another late night tomorrow. Simultaneously realize it’s going to be a long week
  • Publish.

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Dave Fleet
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