A Poorly Thought-Out Sponsorship?

The Globe and Mail newspaper reports today that at the launch of Waste Reduction Week, hundreds of schoolchildren were given souvenir bags containing bottled water from Nestlé.

To their great credit, the students reacted badly to the Nestlé promotion (Nestlé Waters Canada sponsors the Waste Reduction Week). They wrote to both the recycling council, the corporate sponsors and to the two Ontario government ministers attending the event.

As one student noted:

"Isn’t it strange to talk about not wasting when you gave us a water bottle to waste?"

Meanwhile, although a Liberal MPP’s private members’ bill to ban bottled-water sales was defeated, the City of Toronto is considering whether to ban the sale bottled water in city facilities and the Toronto District School Board is considering banning their sale on school property.

A useful reminder to companies that if your message doesn’t match your actions, people may reject both.

(Image source: Green Union)

Dave Fleet
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