PostRank Analytics: Missing Link Between Social Media Engagement And Web Analytics

I love Google Analytics. Google’s free tool offers easy-to-use analytics perfect for small or mid-sized businesses, is easy to install and, perhaps most importantly, is free. Unfortunately, in the world of social media, analytics focused on your own site can only tell you so much. They leave a gap and, for companies involved in online discussions, it’s an important one.

Today we have a new service to help fill that gap.

Introducing PostRank Analytics

PostRank Analytics, launched today, takes top-level data from Google Analytics and layers social media engagement on top of it.

I’ve had a chance to test the service over the last little while. I’m happy to say it has a lot of potential for personal and corporate bloggers alike, at a very low price point.


The overview page for PostRank Analytics shows quick at-a-glance metrics, including:

  • Page views
  • PostRank’s engagement score
  • Twitter followers

You can also see trends for the first two over a period of up to three months. Blog posts are also featured on the appropriate days.

Mousing over a particular day reveals the exact numbers for that day, while clicking on a blog post pulls up deeper measurements for that post.


Digging down into the analysis section of PostRank Analytics lets you access more detailed metrics on each of your blog posts.

An initial screen lists posts in reverse chronological order, while clicking any post mines right down to show such measures as average time on site, engagement on each social media platform (such as Twitter, FriendFeed, Tumblr, etc), and bounce rate.

The page also gives a complete history of conversation about your post on those third-party services. One particularly useful aspect of this feature is that it attempts to make it easy to reach people talking about your content by identifying their presences on other sites.

Your own concierge

Another useful feature of PostRank Analytics is the option to have daily reports delivered right to your inbox with a summary of the previous day’s activity.

The concierge report is a stripped-down snapshot of activity, showing total page views and engagement on your site along with activity on posts such as views and additional conversation over the day. While you may not find it useful if you’re highly involved with your site, it may be a useful tool for people who aren’t able to pay close attention to goings-on.

Key Points

I like PostRank Analytics for what it provides now, but I’m also excited about the potential for new features. Right now, the level of data pulled in from Google Analytics is relatively small, but there’s room to build on this as the service goes through iterations. I’d be interested, for example, to see which posts led to the most conversions and to track that against engagement.

The service is most likely to be attractive to people with well-established sites or those working on corporate sites. The price of $9 per month is low enough to make the service very accessible to beginners, however I think they are less likely to want to pay for analytics at an early stage.

I really like the inclusion of commenters’ other social media profiles in the service. The addition of ready-to-hand research on commenters is useful for people trying to decide whether to respond to individual conversations.

I’m really happy to see PostRank roll out a consumer-focused service that they can monetize. An analytics service was a logical direction given the wealth of data they have on engagement, and in my view is a useful addition to their portfolio.


PostRank Analytics provides the missing link between social media engagement and web analytics. The service is useful as-is, and has substantial potential for expansion.

At this price point, PostRank Analytics is one to explore now, and to watch for the future too.

PostRank Analytics

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