Macro, Not Just Micro

In a digital world where more and more focus is (rightly) being placed on analytics and measurement, it can be all too easy to lose sight of the big picture.

Focus less on the trees – remember to think about the forest too.

Take this blog, for example. If I glance at the daily analytics for this site, I see this:


Up, down, all over the place. Useful to an extent, for reflecting on posts that resonated, but it doesn’t give me any real idea of what’s going on overall. Contrast this with the picture I get when I step back a little and look at trends over months:


With the exception of a dip during the holidays and a freakish StumbleUpon event a few months ago, there’s a consistent trend here. I can see that, overall, traffic is going up. That’s one of the metrics I look at to determine whether I’m going in the right direction with this post.

So, your client was featured in the Globe & Mail today, or you got them a hit in Engadget. That’s great, right? Actually, it could be irrelevant if it has no bearing on their goals, or if the tone of the piece wasn’t positive.

The point? Try not to focus purely on the little things.

Dave Fleet
EVP Digital at Edelman. Husband and dad of two. Cycling nut; bookworm; videogamer; Britnadian. Opinions are mine, not my employer's.