25 Questions To Make Your Social Media Workflow Work For You

You’ve pulled together a social media team, you’ve set your objectives, you’ve developed an integrated communications strategy that combines online and offline communications, and you’ve won the buy-in you need to start to engage online.

The first part of your system should ideally be listening, after which you can begin engaging in online conversations and launching your own properties. Sounds simple, but there are plenty of questions that can trip you up along the way. You should answer as many of these as you can before you start your social media outreach.

Here are a few, to get you started.

Team Coordination

  1. Do you need a schedule to coordinate who is responding to online conversations?
  2. How will you ensure that different team members don’t send duplicate responses?
  3. Will you disclose who is engaging on behalf of your brand? Where?
  4. How will you ensure consistency within your team in recording the various facets of conversations that you are tracking?
  5. Will your team be active on weekends?
  6. Will your weekend workflow differ from your weekday process?
  7. Will you assign specific people to engage with specific individuals?

Tracking and Reporting

  1. How will you record conversations for future reference?
  2. How will you keep a record of conversations so you can see how you’ve corresponded with people in the past?
  3. How will you report on the conversations about your brand/industry?
  4. How will you report on your engagement, against your objectives?

Responding to Conversations

  1. How will you triage conversations for different types of response?
  2. Where are the limits – which conversations will you, and will you not, respond to?
  3. Do you need a set of standard Q&As to frame your responses to common issues?
  4. Is there a common "voice" that you want associated with your brand?
  5. Will you set guidelines for your response time to conversations?
  6. What process will your team follow when they encounter an issue for which they don’t currently have an answer?

Publishing Content

  1. If you are working with other agencies, have you worked their content into your content timelines?
  2. How often will you aim to publish content?
  3. Do you have an editorial calendar for your blog?
  4. How will you divide-up content creation?

General Outreach

  1. Will your team use individual accounts on social media sites that require registration, or will they work from one corporate account?
  2. Will you permit/encourage your team to use their own personal accounts in the outreach?
  3. Do you have a policy on who you will subscribe to on the various social media platforms?
  4. How will you approach the influencers in your market?

What other questions would you add to the list?

Dave Fleet
EVP Digital at Edelman. Husband and dad of two. Cycling nut; bookworm; videogamer; Britnadian. Opinions are mine, not my employer's.